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Chinesischer Turm

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Before or after a cool Maß guests can enjoy a ride by horse carriage through the park, starting directly at the entrance of the beer garden. Since 1945 [ Kutscherei Hans Holzmann] offers tours in traditional carriages.
On weekends brass-bands perform live on the first floor of the tower. Major football tournaments are shown on large screens in the beer garden. WLAN is provided to all guests.
[[File:Chinesischer Turm 062.jpg|600px]]
Depending on the weather, the beer garden is open from 10am to 11pm.
In Winter, End of November till December, 23rd, a christmas market is held here.
'''Chinesischer Turm'''<br>
Tel: +49-(0)89-3838732038387319<br>
Website: []
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