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Schloßwirtschaft Oberschleißheim

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''June 2015:'' Due to large restoration works by the "Bavarian Department of State-owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes" the Schloßwirtschaft is closed at the moment. The renovation work is planned to take 3 years. Throughout this time, kitchen and restaurant are located in a rustic Alpine chalet. ''However, the beer garden is open and operates as usual!''</div>
'''Schloßwirtschaft Oberschleißheim is located within the grounds of the Oberschleißheim Castle. The property has a long history and was originally a farm where the founder of [[Hofbräuhaus]] settled for his retirement in 1597. In the 17th century following the building of the castle, the Schloßwirtschaft (castle restaurant) provided catering to its workers and servants.'''

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