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Forsthaus St. Hubertus

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The kitchens of the restaurant and self-service food stall have been completely replaced and modernised. Forsthaus St. Hubertus specialises in traditional Bavarian cuisine and all meals are prepared daily using organically grown ingredients from surrounding farmlands. Occasionally wild game from the Ebersberger Forst, such as deer or boar, is available the menu.
The beer garden has 400 seats in the self-serviced area partly shaded by chestnut and other trees. The food stall offers regular beer garden meals as well as homemade cake and ice-cream. All hot meals are prepared fresh at the time of order and the cook will ring a bell when the meal is ready. Even the country potatoes get their golden colour in a real oven (deep fryers and microwaves have been banned!). The [[Schweiger]] Helles (lager) and Weißbier (wheat bear) served from the tap are brewed with organic using [ | organically certified] ingredients and a [[Maß]] of Helles costs €6.20.
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