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Hohenlindener Sauschütt

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'''Hohenlindener Sauschütt beer garden is located in the easter part of the Ebersberger Forest approximately 35km east of central Munich. The name Sauschütt refers to the many wild boars roaming this part of the forest. The main building functioned for served many years as the residence for the forest warden. To provide an additional income, he and his wife served by-passers drinks and food, including regular wild game meat.'''
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The beer garden has existed since year 2000 years. Since 2010 new leaseholders took over and continue serving many regulars, including bikers and nature lovers exploring the surrounding forest. A 3½km nature trail with information signs about flora and fauna along the route starts behind the beer garden. Additionally, a game reserve with deer and as well as an observation platform offering visitors a chance to watch wild boar is located nearby.
The beer garden has 600 seats in the self-serviced area and 100 seats on a serviced terrace. Unfortunately, there are no traditional beer garden benches in the self-serviced area. Instead there are regular garden tables with chairs. The beer served is [[Wildbräu]] - a regional beer type from the town of Grafing. A [[Maß]] Wildbräu Helles (lager) costs €5.80.
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