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Kugler Alm

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'''The Kugler Alm is located on the western edge of the Perlacher Forst (forest)Forest. The beer garden can be reached by bike through the forest. There are 2,400 seats in the self service -serviced area and 200 seats in the serviced area.'''
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The Kugler Alm is popular amongst bikers coming from Munich. There are 400 bike parking spaces and even a complimentary bike wheel pumping station. In 1922, the [[Radler]] (bicycle beer) was believed to have been invented by the owner Franz Xaver Kugler, who ran short of beer and dilluted the barrels with lemonade. The [[Maß]] Radler or [[Spaten]] costs €6.60. The [[Weißbier]] is [[Franziskaner]]. A special meal offered by the kitchen is Spanferkel (a whole grilled suckling pig) with a crispy crust. On Tuesdays from 5pm a giant Schnitzel "Wiener Art" (Vienna style) costs €8.90 and on Thursday from 5pm one kilo kilogramm prawns with garlic bread costs €14.90.
Major football tournaments such as the world cup are shown live on a public viewing screen in the beer garden.
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Depending on the weather the The beer garden is open daily depending on the weather from 1am to 11pm. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.
'''Kugler Alm'''<br>
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