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Chinesischer Turm

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'''The beer garden Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) is located in the English Garden (Englischer Garten), Munich's largest leisure park. With a size of 417ha, Englischer Garten English Garden is larger than Hide Park in London or Central Park in New York. Due to its close proximity to the university, the beer garden attracts a young crowd which intermingles with people looking for rest and relaxation as well as tourists.'''
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In 1789, Great Elector Karl Theodor initiated the English Garden with the plan to convert a former hunting area located at the Isar into a park. In 1790 the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) was built. The Chinese Tower is a pagoda style, all wooden tower with five storeys. The 25 metres high tower has a diameter of 19 metres at ground level and 6 metres at the top. Chinese Tower was destroyed during the war in 1944. 1952 the tower was rebuilt in its original style.
Chinesischer Turm beer garden is the second largest beer garden in Munich and has about 7,000 seats in the self-serviced area and about 500 seats in the serviced area. Guests of the self-serviced area can sit on regular beer benches, some of which even have backrests. The tables are arranged around the tower. The food stalls offer traditional beer garden food such as Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), Hendl (roasted chicken), Schweinshaxn (roasted pork knuckle), [[Obatzda]] and [[Auszogne]]. The beer served is [[Hofbräu]] and a [[Maß]] Hell (lager) costs EUR 7.00. <!-- april 2011 -->
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