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Gasthaus Siebenbrunn

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The Siebenbrunn restaurant and beer garden was reopened following a complete renovation and change of leaseholder in 2012 and has quickly become a popular venue amongst the locals. There are about 750 seats sparsely shaded by large trees in the self-serviced area, which makes up the largest part of the beer garden. The serviced area is situated alongside the restaurant building below sun umbrellas.
The current leaseholder Martin Osterrieder comes from the region of Franconia and brought with him the Franconian food culture, which is spicier than typical Bavarian. All meals in the self-serviced and serviced area are prepared using fresh ingredients. Martin Osterrieder, a cook himself, has banned the use of preprocessed ingredients in his kitchen, even the bread is baked on location.  The separate restaurant kitchen offers a wider selection of the self-serviced area offers Bratwursttypical Franconian food, Wurstsalat such as "Fränkisches Schäufele" (sliced sausage saladcrispy shoulder of pork), Schweinsbraten (roast pork)baked carp, Obatzda "Fränkische Bratwörschte" and Hendl.  The [[Spaten]] brew served "Saure Zipfel" (Bratwurst cooked in the beer garden costs €6.10 p/[[Maß]]vinegar).
The kitchen of the self-serviced area offers Bratwurst, Wurstsalat (sliced sausage salad), Schweinsbraten (roast pork), [[Obatzda]] and Hendl. The beer served is [[Spaten]] and a [[Maß]] Hell (lager) costs €6.20 (August 2012).
Unlike most other beer gardens in Munich, Siebenbrunn does not host public viewing during sport events. So those looking for a peaceful Maß during major football tournaments have found the right place.
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The Depending on the weather, the beer garden is open on the weekends from 11am and weekdays from 10am until about 1am when the weather is good during 5pm and closes after the warm summer monthslast guest left.

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