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Zum Aumeister

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Built in 1810/11, the Aumeister was the administrative office of the royal hunter of this area. In the beginning the Aumeister provided food and beverages for hunting participants and travelers. In 1914 the Aumeister was taken over by a restaurant leaseholder and functions since then only as a restaurant and beer garden open to the public.
[[File:Zum Aumeister 046.jpg|600px]]
The beer garden has 3,000 seats shaded by large chestnut trees in the non-serviced area. The food stalls offer high quality Bavarian and Mediterranean meals and snacks as well as [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick). Beer lovers enjoy the seasonal beers, such as [[Starkbier]] in March, [[Maibock]] in May, [[Sommerbier]] during the summer and [[Wiesnbier]] around the time of the Oktoberfest. A [[Hofbräu]] costs €7.60 p/[[Maß]] (May 2015).

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