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Tel: +49-(0)8153-8282<br>
Tel: +49-(0)8153-8282<br>
[http://www.alter-wirt-etterschlag.de www.alter-wirt-etterschlag.de]<br>
Website: [http://www.alter-wirt-etterschlag.de www.alter-wirt-etterschlag.de]<br>
Email: [mailto:alterwirt@t-online.de alterwirt@t-online.de]
Email: [mailto:alterwirt@t-online.de alterwirt@t-online.de]
[[de:Alter Wirt Etterschlag]]
[[de:Alter Wirt Etterschlag]]

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Alter Wirt Etterschlag is located approximately 25km south of Munich. This beer garden with 500 seats has fixed wooden benches and beer served from the tap is from the Kaltenberg brewery. As in all traditional Bavarian beer gardens it is permitted to bring your own food. That said, traditional German food served here, especially the meat dishes, are highly recommended.

The beer garden is open when the weather is good every day throughout the summer.

Alter Wirt Etterschlag
Inninger Straße 6
82237 Wörthsee-Etterschlag

Tel: +49-(0)8153-8282
Website: www.alter-wirt-etterschlag.de
Email: alterwirt@t-online.de