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Augustiner-Keller with about 5,000 seats is the third largest beer garden in Munich. The beer garden opened in 1812. Like most beer gardens there is a self-serviced area where guests are welcome to bring their own food in addition to a serviced area.

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The beer at Augustiner is served straight out of wooden barrels and the strike of a bell marks the announcement of the opening of each new barrel. The serviced area includes over 100 Stammtische (regulars's tables) with the oldest dating back to 1847. In 1807 a cellar was built eight metres below ground in which beer was chilled with ice. Today, this cellar offers a cosy alternative to sit down and enjoy a beer on rainy days.

Augustiner-Keller 042.jpg

Arnulfstrasse 52
80335 Munich

Tel: +49-(0)89 594393
Website: www.augustinerkeller.de

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