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The Hopfengarten beer garden is located on the east side of the Westpark in central Munich, next to the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle sports arena.

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The Hopfengarten was opened at the time of the first German Federal Garden Show (BUGA) held in Westpark in 1983.

The beer garden is a favourite meeting place amongst regular visitors and families of the recreation areas around the lakes in the park.

The 1,500 seats in the self-service area are partly shaded by still young chestnut trees and large sun umbrellas.

A Maß Löwenbräu costs 6.60. Stekerlfisch (grilled fish on stick) is prepared daily amongst other Bavarian specialties.

The beer garden is open daily during the summer when the weather is good from 11am until about 11:30pm.

Siegenburger Straße 43
81373 Munich (Westpark)

Tel: +49-(0)89-7608846