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The Kloster Andechs Biergarten is located within the Andechs monastery about 40km south west of the centre of Munich. This small but often crowded beer garden is usually visited in combination with the famous Kloster Andechs, which is historically known for its beer brewing monks.

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The beer garden is partly shaded by chestnut trees and sun-umbrellas. A mixture of locals, tourists and school classes often make this a lively and mixed crowd beer garden. It is unusual to see anyone bringing home cooked meals, perhaps because most visitors do not come from Bavaria and are not necessarily aware of the custom. The Andechs beer garden management is however not at odds with Bavarian tradition and so to bring one's own food is always allowed and not discouraged in anyway. The self service food stall offers a selection of typical Bavarian cold and hot meals, and of course, the famous Andechs beer brewed at location served fresh from the tap.

A fish stall offers Steckerlfisch (grilled fish-on-stick) prepared to perfection by a dedicated cook using fresh trout from a lake in the nearby alps topped with 19 different herbs and spices from an organic garden at Andechs. At €20 - about twice the price of a Steckerlfisch in any other beer garden - this is no ordinary Steckerlfish! Other offerings at the food stall including the beer are moderately priced. The available beer types are Spezial Hell and Bergbock Hell (lagers) at €5.80 p/Maß, Weißbier Dunkel (Bavarian wheat-beer) at €3.20 p/pint and Doppelbock Dunkel at €6.80 p/Maß (the extra strong dark lager variety).

There is no serviced area in this beer garden. Instead, the serviced and more formal Klostergasthof Andechs Wirtsgarten which is also part of the Andechs property can be found across the court yard. Additionally, Kloster Andechs Bräustüberl is a self-serviced beer hall and outdoor terrace located on top of the hill near the beer garden, which include great views of the surrounding landscape.

The beer garden is open on weekdays when the weather is good from 10am until 6pm and on weekends until 8pm. The seasonal opening period depends on the weather but usually lasts from Easter until end of October or early November.

Kloster Andechs Biergarten
Bergstraße 2
82346 Erling-Andechs

Tel: +49-(0)8152-3760
Website: www.andechs.de