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The Schusterhäusl Biergarten is located surrounded by forest in the middle of nowhere between Germering and Gilching. After being closed for several years and a leaseholder change, the beer garden reopened in 2015 and not only invites bicyclists and hikers to stay.

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The Schusterhäusl Biergarten is located along a quiet road, about 3.9 kilometres west of the city centre of Germering. On the ground there is in addition to the beer garden also the main building with youth hostel and Irish bar (Cobblers) as well as a stand with grilled fish.

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In the beer garden up to 1.100 guests find place on traditional beer garden benches. The majority of the benches are in the shade of large linden trees. If the weather is nice, various musicians perform live always on Sunday from 2pm in the beer garden. Dance enthusiasts can use the dance floor in front of the stage.

The food stall offers amongst others homemade Obatzda (Bavarian cheese specialty), spare ribs, steak and currywurst. The beer comes from the private brewery Schweiger and a Maß Hell (lager) costs only €6 (May 2015). A Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) at a separate stall costs between €10 and €13 (May 2015).

Depending on the weather the Schusterhäusl beer garden is open daily from 11 am and on Mondays from 4pm.

Schusterhäusl 1
82110 Germering

Tel: +49 (0)89-32491820

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