Wirtshaus am Hart

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There are about 260 seats divided more or less equally between a serviced area with regular tables and chairs and the area with beer garden benches. However, there is no self service canteen in this beer garden, although guests are welcome to unwrap their own home cooked food in true Bavarian fashion while ordering beer with a waitress. The beer garden benches are also utilised as serviced tables since the beer garden is a popular lunch venue, especially amongst the workers of the nearby BMW offices. There is a theatre in the building hosting occassional occasional theatre performances and various other shows. Check [] for an up-to-date schedule of events.
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The restaurant and beer garden is open between 11am and 11pm on weekdays and between 4pm and 11pm on Saturdays, but sometimes opening already at 2pm on Saturdays. On Sundays The opening hours on Sundays are between 4pm and 10pm.
'''Wirtshaus am Hart'''<br>
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