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Weißbier literaty means white beer in Germany, because it was originally made when the brewing method of regular light-colured lagers now known as Helles had not yet been invented and all other Munich beers were dark. Outside Bavaria a Weißbier is usually called a Weizenbier (wheat beer) or simply a Weizen. Additionally, dark varieties of Weißbier are known as Dunkel Weissbier or Dunkelweizen.

A traditional Weissbier glass holds half a litre of beer plus extra room for foam. Pouring a Weißbier requires a bit of practice, since the foam will otherwise likely overflow or be flat.

Aujaeger 073.jpg Gasthaus zur Muehle 034.jpg Gasthof Grub 011.jpg Gasthof Grub 013.jpg Truderinger Wirtshaus 002.jpg Truderinger Wirtshaus 003.jpg Hohenlindener Sauschuett 020.jpg Braeustueberl Weihenstephan 030.jpg Fuerstenfelder 034.jpg Gasthof Feringasee 006.jpg Gasthaus zur Muehle 001.jpg

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