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Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn

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An old brewery is situated behind the beer garden but unfortunately the days of brewing beer at the location ended in year 2000. Not all has been lost however, as the original [[Mariabrunn Dunkel]] - an old Bavarian dark lager - is still brewed according to the exact and original recipe by the [[Erdinger]] brewery and served fresh from barrels in the beer garden. A [[Maß]] of Mariabrunn Dunkel costs €6€7.70 50 (April 2013May 2017). Other beer types sold are regular Helles (lager) by [[Fischer Brewery|Fischer's]] and Erdinger [[Weißbier]] (Bavarian wheat-bear).
Today the brewery is functioning as a distillery for liquor which can be bought in a small shop in the courtyard, where locally produced honey and handmade candle products as well as various souvenirs are also for sale.

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