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Insel Mühle

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'''Insel Mühle is ideally located at the small river Würm in the western area of Munich city. Insel Mühle means Island Mill, as this location was once a functioning water mill. Large, dense chestnut trees shade 800 seats of the self service a area. Some of the tables are right next to the water stream with fish and ducks swimming by.'''
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The restuarant and the serviced area which included is at the original mill building across the small river connected by a foot bridge. In the serv serviced beer garden, the [[Augustiner]] Helles (lager) costs €6.10 p/[[Maß]]. During the week from 5pm the "Biergartensensation" (happy hour) offers a Maß and half a Hendl (grilled chicken) at a special price.
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Insel Mühle
The beer garden is open from April until October on Monday to Thursday from 4pm until 11pm and Friday to Sunday from 11am until 11pm.
'''Insel Mühle'''<br>

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