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The food stalls in the self serviced area offer warm and cold Bavarian meals as well as a salad and pasta bar. A Maß Hacker-Pschorr Hell (lager) costs €7.70 (July 2015June 2017). Major football tournaments are shown live on a big screen in the beer garden if the weather is good. A large beautiful ballroom in the main building for up to 280 guests as a well as a lounge can be rented for special functions. Additionally, there is a “partybox” which offers your own private beer garden in a wooden fenced enclosure with up to 100 seats. Drinks must be ordered via the beer garden and it possible to buy an entire barrel of beer. Home made food can be brought or alternatively bought at the food stall in the self serviced area. A large grill can also be rented for a private BBQ party. In case of bad weather, a party tent will be set up.
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