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Wirtshaus am Bavariapark

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[[File:Wirtshaus am Bavariapark 067.jpg|600px]]
In addition to traditional beer garden meals, such as [[Obatzda]], [[Wurstsalat]] (sliced sausage salad), [[Hendl]] (roasted chicken) and [[Schweinshaxn]] (roasted pork knuckle), he also offers a small selection of International meals. All meals are prepared fresh and there is no distinction between the self-serviced and serviced kitchen. Beyond that, a [[Fischer-Vroni]] stall offers [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick). The beer served fresh from wooden barrels is [[Augustiner]] and a [[Maß]] Hell (lager) costs €6€7.80 20 (April 20162018).
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