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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim

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Located in the outskirts of Munich in the Aubinger Lohe forest, a popular destination for nature lovers. Bienenheim means bee home and is the club restaurant for the member of the adjoining bee masters club and bee keeping farm where honey is produced.
The beer garden reopened under new management in 2010. There are 350 seats in all including self-serviced and serviced tables. The beer sold is Maisacher Helles at €5.80 p/Maß and Räuber Kneissldunkel at €6 p/Maß. The Sedlmayer Weizen is €6 p/Maß.
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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim
Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim is accessible via S-Bahn 8 to Lochhausen plus a 15-minute walk.
'''Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim'''<br>

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