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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim

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'''Located in the outskirts of Munich in the Aubinger Lohe forest, a popular destination for nature lovers. Bienenheim means bee home and is the club restaurant serves as a meeting place for the member bee masters of the adjoining bee masters club and nearby bee keeping farm where ecological honey is producedand sold.'''
The beer garden reopened under new management in 2010. There are 350 seats in all including the self-serviced and serviced tables. The beer sold is [[Maisacher ]] Helles at which costs €5.80 p/Maß and Räuber Kneissldunkel at €6 p/Maß. The Sedlmayer Weizen (wheat beer) is €6 p/Maß. The self-serviced food stall offers a variety of traditional Bavarian meals and snacks.
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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim is accessible via S-Bahn 8 to Lochhausen plus a 15-minute walk. The beer garden and self-serviced area is open during the summer months from Tuesday until Fridays from 430pm and on Saturady and Sunday from 1130am until it gets cold. The tables in the serviced area are open from Tuesday until Sunday from 1130am.
 '''Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim'''<br>Bienenheimstraße 11<br>
81249 Munich (Lochhausen)<br>

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