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Grünwalder Forstwirt

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'''The Grünwalder Forstwirt is located on a 30,000 m2 ground in Straßlach 3km outside Munich. The property is surrounded by the Grünwalder Forst (forest) on one side and wide open fields on the other. There are no immidiate neighbours.'''
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The 83 years old building and property is owned by Munich tram company as symbolised by a tram standing on a rail in front of the building. However, there was never a tram line to this location. Up until 1994 the property served as a holiday home for Munich's tram drivers. The beer garden and restaurant threafter opened to the public by the name of Entenalm. With the leasholder change in 2007 the name changed to Grünwalder Forstwirt.
The restaurant is open Wednesday till Sunday from 1130am and offers combines Bavarian, Austrian and Italian cousine. Whenever possible, organic ingredients are used, most of which come from the surrounding farm land in this region. Nearby attractions include a bowling alley, minigolf court and a wild boar enclosure. On clear days the alps are visible in the distance.
The beer garden offers 700 seats in the self-serviced area plus 100 on the sunny serviced terrace. In addition to the inside restaurant there is a separate building with room for (how many??) guests ideal for hosting special occations. The beer sold is Tegernsee Hell and costs €6 p/[Maß].
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