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Alter Wirt

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After some difficult years the [[Augustiner]] brewery took over tha the management of the restaurant and beer garden. Following restoration work and improvements of the catering, the people of Krailling began to appreciate the effort by their regular visits. The self-service area has about 500 seats, shaded by a combination of large sun umbrellas and chestnut trees. A [[Maß]] Augustiner costs €6.
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The beer garden is open sesonally from March until November. The beer and food stalls in the self service area are open weekdays between 5pm and 10.30pm. Before then, the beer can be fetched from inside the restaurant building. On Saturdays , Sundays and Sundays public holidays, the self-service beer and food stall opens stalls open at 10am.
'''Alter Wirt'''<br>
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