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Hofbrauhaus-Keller Freising

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The Hofbrauhaus-Keller in Freising was originally a storage facility for cooling beer during the warm summer months. The building has a similar architecture as the original brewery which is located nearby. In recent years the beer garden was managed by a leaseholder who discouraged the Bavarian tradition to permit of permitting guests to bring their own food, which caused many locals to boycott the beer garden. In 2010 the a new leaseholder, Peter Sonnauer, took over the management and brought the traditional Bavarian beer garden concept back to life and the Hofbrauhaus-Keller Freising immediately regained its popularity amongst the people of Freising. There are 650 seats in the self-serviced area of the beer garden and 120 seats on a serviced terrace on the opposite side of the main building , in addition to a restaurant and hall inside the building which can be booked for special events.
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