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Forsthaus St. Hubertus

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The last forest warden worked at the location until 1979. The property has thereafter been used as a restaurant and beer garden. In recent years, Forsthaus St. Hubertus was poorly maintained by various leaseholders. However, in 2010 the new leaseholders, Heidi Hanrieder and Adi Warte, relaunched the beer garden and restaurant after extensive renovation. The 2-storey restaurant building has been completely refurbished with all-wooden interiors and tastefully decorated into . It is now an ideal venue for hosting small and private functions in a homely atmosphere.
The kitchens of the restaurant and self-service food stall have been completely replaced and modernised. Forsthaus St. Hubertus offers traditional Bavarian cuisine with all meals prepared daily using organically grown fresh ingredients from surrounding farmlands. Occasionally wild game meat from the Ebersberger Forest, such as deer or boar, is available the menu.
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