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'''Plantage! is a nice hobbit-like forest beer garden shaded by giant oak and beech trees in the Freisinger State Forest at the northern edge of the city of Freising, approximately 45km north of Munich. The building has existed for over 125 years and once served as a meeting place amongst royal hunters to enjoy a beer after a hard day's work hunting in the forest. The name Plantage <!-- (with or without the exlamation mark!)--> refers to a fruit tree plantation that once existed here sometime in 19th century.'''
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One long food and beer stall sells typical Bavarian meals, vegetarian dishes and a wide selection of salads. Fresh Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) is prepared on a charcoal grill at a separate food stall. The beer served is [[Weihenstephaner]] and costs €6 p/[[Maß]].
On Sundays and public holidays live bands perform at the traditional "Musikfrühschoppen" “Musikfrühschoppen” from 1pm to 5pm and rock the forest with oldies, Elvis, country and more... A nearby attraction is a “Walderlebnispfad” (forest experience path), a 3.5km trekking path with signs explaining various trees and plants of the forest. Every second and third Saturday from July to October there is a flea market in the beer garden. The restaurant located in the forest house can be rented for special events for up to 30 guests.
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