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Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn

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The Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn beer garden is located within a privately owned castle property at the edge of the Bründl-Holz forest 26km north of central Munich, about 10km past the town of Dachau.
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The name "Mariabrunn" dates back to 1662 and refers to the chapel and a well ("brunn") where the water was once believed to have magical healing effects/properties/powers.
Mariabrunn has been known as a spa in Germany since 1670.
In 1863 Amalie Hohenester, a healing practitioner, bought the estate. Amalia was educated by her aunt in a monastery but preferred life outside the confinement of a monastery.
Amalie successfully diagnosed and cured patients during and during her lifetime as a healer at Mariabrunn and gained European wide recognition amongst the rich and famous of the times. Dignitaries who are known to have visited include the Empress Sisy of Austria, Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Baron Rothschild of France.
Following Amalie Hohenester death in 1878 Mariabrunn inevitably lost its popularity as a healing location. In 1907 the estate was bought by Friedrich Breitling as a gift to his son Herbert Breitling. Since thereafter, the estate has been owned by the Breitling family whose third generation family members are happy to guide visitors around their property.
The small and historical church remains popular for baptisms events and marriages, as well as for pilgrims coming to pray for Holy Maria. Numerous religious as well as other group events are combined with visits to the beer garden.
An old brewery is situated behind the beer garden but unfortunately the days of brewing beer at the location ended in year 2000. Not all has been lost however, as the original [[Mariabrunn]] Dunkles beer - an old Bavarian dark lager - is still brewed according to the exact and original recipe by the [[Erdinger]] brewery and is still sold fresh from barrels in the beer garden. A [[Maß]] of Mariabrunn Dunkles cost EUR 6. Other beers sold are regular Helles (lager) by [[Fisher]] (also EUR 6 p/Maß) and [[Erdinger]] [[Weißbier]] (Bavarian wheat-bear) at EUR 3.30 p/pint.
A 20-litre barrel can be ordered by groups on a large table for up to ?? people.
Today the brewery is functioning as a distillery for liquor which can be bought in a small shop in the courtyard, where locally produced honey and handmade candle products as well as various souvenirs are for sale.
The beer garden and restaurant has been managed since '99 by the Bernhard Öttl and Simon Radlmayr, treat visitors with Bavarian specialties in a truly traditional beer garden environment.
There are about 850 seats in the self-serviced area, with mostly fixed-to-the ground tables, some which have back rests. A serviced terrace include about 100 seats in addition the restaurant within the main building.
On clear days, a short walk up the the hill from the beer garden offers a stunning view of Munich with the alps in the background.
The beer garden and the self-service food stall is open everyday throughout the summer when the weather is good from noon???
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