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Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn

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The name "Mariabrunn" dates back to 1662 and refers to the a chapel and a well ("brunn") where . The water of the water well was once believed to have magical healing effects/properties/powersand since 1670 Mariabrunn has been known as a spa in Germany.
Mariabrunn has been known as a spa in Germany since 1670. In 1863 Amalie Hohenester, a healing practitioner, bought the estate. Amalia Amalie was educated by her aunt in a monastery but preferred life to live outside the confinement of a monastery. Amalie successfully diagnosed and cured many patients during and during her lifetime as a healer at Mariabrunn and gained European wide recognition amongst the rich and famous of the times. Dignitaries who are known to have visited include the Empress Sisy of Austria, Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Baron Rothschild of France.
Following Amalie Hohenester death in 1878 Mariabrunn inevitably lost its popularity as a healing location. In 1907 the estate was bought by Friedrich Breitling as a gift to his son Herbert Breitling. Since thereafter, the estate has been owned by the Breitling family whose third generation family members are happy to guide visitors around their property.

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