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Waldgasthof Buchenhain

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<table cellpaddingWaldgasthof Buchenhain is a small family beer garden located in Buchenhain/Baierbrunn, a suburb/village 15km south of central Munich. {| class="0imageTable" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="padding|-bottom:6px;"><tr><td |colspan="3" style="padding-bottom:6px;">| [[File:Waldgasthof Buchenhain 002.jpg|600px]]</td></tr><tr><td align="left">|-|[[File:Waldgasthof Buchenhain 008.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td |align="center">|[[File:Waldgasthof Buchenhain 003.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td |align="right">|[[File:Waldgasthof Buchenhain 001.jpg|196px|none]]</td></tr></table>|} Waldgasthof Buchenhain is part of small Bavarian style hotel with about 40 rooms. There are about 450 seats in the self-serviced area with beer garden benches and 150 seats in a serviced area with regular tables and chairs part of the hotel restaurant. The self-serviced area is situared on a large grass lawn as opposed to on a typical beer garden gravel ground. On weekend a small mobile kiosk functions as a food and beer stall in the self-serviced area. On weekdays, the beer can be fetched from inside the restaurant building.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="48.030776" lon="11.497965" zoom="15" controls="large">
48.030565, 11.498126
Waldgasthof Buchenhain
The beer garden is open during the summer months when the weather is good on weekdays from 10am until 9pm/10pm. On weekends the beer garden usually closes between 10pm and 11pm as this is when the hotel restaurant also closes.
'''Waldgasthof Buchenhain'''<br>
Am Klettergarten 7<br>
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