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Maisinger Seehof

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At the time of the lake construction a small house was built next to the lake at the location of the current restaurant. The house was rebuilt in 1899, using some of the original structure. After Second World War, the Maising area and its lake became a popular holiday destination and the owner of the house began to sell food and beverages to tourists. In 1950 a beer garden officially opened. From 1985 various leaseholders managed the location. In year 2001 the third generation land owner resumed the management of the restaurant and beer garden again.
The beer garden has 450 seats in the self-serviced area standing on the embankment of the lake with views over the sea. About half of the tables are shaded by large trees. The self-serviced food stall offers traditional Bavarian snacks and meals with about seven main courses including vegetarian dishes. All meals are prepared using biologically grown ingredients from surrounding farmlands. Various oven fresh cakes are baked according to original recipes passed on through generations. The beer served is [[Herrnbräu]] and a [[Maß]] Helles (lager) costs €5.60. All soft drinks are from [ Kelterei Perger] - a biological fruit juice producer located close to the Ammersee.
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