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Kugler Alm

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The Kugler Alm is popular amongst bikers coming from Munich. There are 400 bike parking spaces and even a complimentary bike wheel pumping station. In 1922, the [[Radler]] (bicycle beer) was believed to have been invented by the owner Franz Xaver Kugler, who ran short of beer and dilluted the barrels with lemonade. The [[Maß]] Radler or [[Spaten]] costs €6.60. The [[Weißbier]] is [[Franziskaner]]. A special meal offered by the kitchen is Spanferkel (a whole grilled suckling pig) with a crispy crust. On Tuesdays from 5pm a giant Schnitzel "Wiener Art" (Vienna style) costs €8.90 and on Thursday from 5pm one kilogramm kilogram prawns with garlic bread costs €14.90.
Major football tournaments are shown live on a public viewing screen in the beer garden.

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