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Schloss Dachau Biergarten

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'''The newly in April 2011 opened Schloss Dachau Biergarten is a small beer garden located at the Renaissance castle in Dachau, about ... kilometres from the centre of Munich. Due to its location directly at the castle wall, the beer garden offers fantastic views of Dachau, the skyline of Munich and surrounding.'''
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The beer garden has space for about 250 guests on cosy beer garden benches with back support. Large trees and gravel ground guarantee for a real beer garden feeling. Although guests are welcome to bring their own food, a food stall sells a small variety of Bavarian snacks. The sold beer is [[Hofbräu]] and a [[Maß]] Hell costs Euro 7. Occasionally there are live bands on weekends.
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Schloss Dachau Biergarten
During the summer months Schloss Dachau Biergarten is open daily between 10am and 11pm. On Mondays restaurant and castle are closed.
'''Schloss Dachau Biergarten'''<br>
Schloßtraße 2<br>
85221 Dachau<br>
Tel: +49 (0)8131-2799278<br>
Website: []
[[de:Schloss Dachau Biergarten]]

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