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Hofbräukeller beer garden has about 1400 seats on traditional beer garden benches in the self-serviced area and about 400 seats in the serviced area. The self-serviced area is almost completely covered by a canopy of dense chestnut trees. The regular tables of the serviced area are partly located in the main section of the beer garden and partly under sun umbrellas on an elevated terrace. The food stalls of the self-serviced area offer delicious snacks, such as [[ObazdaObatzda]], Wurstsalat (sausage salad with vinegar) and spareribs. The served beer is [[Hofbräu]] and one [[Maß]] Hell costs EUR 7,-.
On sunny weekends, music bands perform live in the beer garden. The lounge area "Sausalitos" with deck chairs at the main entrance serves cocktails in the evenings. Major football games are shown on large screens in the beer garden. A plus of the beer garden is the child care section. Parents can enjoy their Maß and free time whilst the kids are watched after at the playground. A wireless internet connection is provided free of charge to all guests.

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