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Gutshof Menterschwaige

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'''The Gutshof Menterschwaige beer garden is located between Harlaching and Grünwald on a plateau above the raised shoreline of the river Isar river. The historically listed former royal estate is one of the oldest beer gardens in Munich. Gutshof Menterschwaige is a popular resting place amongst for bikers and hikers during their excursions along the Isar.'''
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Gutshof Menterschwaige was first documented in 1012, about 150 years before Munich was foundfounded. In 1632 , during the Thirty Years' War , the estate was destroyed by the Swedes. Elector Ferdinand Maria gave passed the remains of the estate to onto Count Maximilian von Kurz. For the next years to follow the estate served as the Royal Household of the Wittelsbacher family. In 1803 the estate was extended by the building of an inn, which soon became famous, especially with amongst artists and noblemen.
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The beer garden has about 2,000 seats under large chestnut trees in the self-serviced area. Guests can sit either on regular tables or beer garden benches. The roofed, wooden terrace in the served area has 150 seats. The food stalls of the self-serviced area offer Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), meat and sausage specialties grilled over beechwood and sweet delights such as crêpe and [[Auszogne]]. A [[Maß]][[ Löwenbräu]] Hell (lager) costs EUR 7.20.
A small house situated next to Gutshof Menterschwaige is full of history. It was the house location of the smallest royal blacksmith and the a place, where King Ludwig I was hiding his mistress the dancer Lola Montez. Today the house is privatised and not part of the Gutshof Menterschwaige anymore. After some great careful renovation work the [ Lola Montez House] is now has become an ideal venue for special occasions such as private parties, weddings and birthdays for up to 25 people.
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When the weather is greatgood, the beer garden is open daily between 10am and 1am.
'''Gutshof Menterschwaige'''<br>

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