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Schlossallee Haag

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The name Schlossallee (castle alley) refers to the huge, ancient chestnut trees, which once formed an alley leading to the castle. Today there is no castle anymore, the last remains of the former grand building were removed in 1998. Small ponds and rare, old plants on the adjoining premises next to the beer garden are reminders of the former castle garden. There is also an old brewhouse, built in 1784, where the Jägerbräu beer was brewed on location for several centuries.
The existence of the beer garden was first documented in 1926. After several leaseholder changes, the beer garden as well as the castle, castle garden and brewhouse were sold to count Guy von Moy. Years later, the Hofmaier family bought the Schlossallee and reopened the beer garden after careful renovation and modernisation.

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