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The self-serviced area of the beer garden has 1200 seats with tables in different shapes and sizes situated partly in the forest and partly in a courtyard. People can sit on old-style fixed-to-the-ground benches, large round group tables or conventional (orange) beer garden benches.
One long food and beer stall sells typical Bavarian meals, vegetarian dishes and a wide selection of salads. Fresh [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick) is prepared on a charcoal grill at a separate food stall. The beer served is [[Weihenstephaner]] and costs €6 .20 p/[[Maß]](April 2013). <!-- april 2011 -->
On Sundays and public holidays live bands perform at the traditional “Musikfrühschoppen” from 1pm to 5pm and rock the forest with oldies, Elvis, country and more... A nearby attraction is a “Walderlebnispfad” (forest experience path), a 3.5km trekking path with signs explaining various trees and plants of the forest. Every second and third Saturday from July to October there is a flea market in the beer garden. The restaurant located in the forest house can be rented for special events for up to 30 guests.
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48.416495, 11.727417
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