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'''Many beer gardens offer Hendl at the food stalls in the self-serviced area. Hendl is a roasted chicken, also called Brathähnchen or Broiler (in the former eastern part of Germany).'''
[[File:Hendl 001.jpg|600px]]
After seasoning with salt and sometimes staffed with parsley, the Hendl is grilled in one piece on a stick and sold either as a whole chicken or half a chicken. The Hendl is usually eaten in combination with potatoe salad or simply a [[Brezn]].
[[File:Hendl 002.jpg|600px]]
[[File:Alte Villa 040.jpg|600px]] == Simple and Traditional Hendl Recipe ==
* 1 fresh or frozen chicken<br>
* Salt and Pepperpepper<br>
* Butter<br>
Defrost the chicken. Remove all giblets internals from the defrosted or fresh chicken, wash rinse the chicken and thereafter dry the it carefully with a paper towel, so as not to remove the skin. Preheat Pre-heat the baking oven up to 200°C and melt some butter on onto the baking tray. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and place it in the oven for approximately one hour. Every now and then douse Douse the chicken with the melted butterevery now and then. Take the chicken out when it is golden-brown.  <!--<ads media=responsive></ads>-->

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