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Schlossallee Haag

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The existence of the beer garden was first documented in 1926. After several leaseholder changes, the beer garden as well as the castle, castle garden and brewhouse were sold to Count Guy von Moy. Years later, the Hofmaier family bought the Schlossallee and reopened the beer garden after extensive renovation and modernisation.
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The beer garden has about 3,000 seats under centuries-old chestnut trees. Most tables are fixed to the ground. The different food stalls are managed by individual shop owners from the village. There is a Kaffee-Hütt'n (coffee hut), Steak- and Würstlhütt'n (steak and sausages from the local butcher) and the Backhaus Weiß (the local bakery). Another food stall offers fresh [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick). The beer served is [[Hofbrauhaus Freising]] and an Urhell (lager) costs €6.00 a [[Maß]]. <!-- may 2011 --> The Jäger naturtrüb (naturally cloudy lager) is served in a stone mug and also costs €6.00 a Maß. <!-- may 2011 --> The Weißbier (wheat beer) is Huber Weisse.

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