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* 1851: Spaten purchases the property including the Silberbauer Keller in Marsstrasse. Many further acqusitions followed.
* 1854: The move of the entire brewery to Marsstrasse is completed.
* 1861: Joseph Sedlmayr buys the shares of August Deiglmayr, with whom he ran the [[Fransiskaner ]] Brauerei (Franziskaner Leistbräu) since 1858.
* 1867: Spaten Brauerei becomes the largest brewery in Munich and maintains its top position until 1890s. Spaten Brauerei receives a golden medal for their German beer at the World Exposition in Paris.
* 1874: Johann, Carl and Anton Sedlmayr take over the brewery from their father Gabriel Sedlmayr.
* 1884: The graphic artist Otto Hubb designs the Spaten logo, which depicting a spade with the initials GS for Gabriel Sedlmayr. The logo is still in usetoday.
* 1891: Spaten Brauerei founded a branch in London selling the “Spaten Munich Lager” brand.
* 1894: Spaten becomes the first Munich brewery to brew lager in Pilsener style, the “Spaten Münchner Hell”, intended for sale in northern Germany.

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