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'''A timeline Spaten is one of Munich's six major beer brands. Its beer brewing history of Spaten:dates back to 1397 when a brewer named Hans Welser set up a small brewery in central Munich, originally named Welser Prew.'''
[[File:Gabriel Sedlmayr Spaten 001.jpg|300px|thumb|600px]] The ownership of the brewery changed hands many times until 1807 when the royal Hofbräu brewmaster, Gabriel Sedlmayr, took over the brewery which had by then changed name to Spatenbräu. At this time it was Munich's smallest brewery. The still today used logo with a spade symbolising a malt shovel bears Gabriel Sedlmayr (1772-1839)]]'s initials. Sedlmayr's sons continued to run the business and in 1867 Spaten became the largest brewery in Munich, as then measured by malt use.
* 1397: A brewer named Hans Welser of the Welser Prew at 4 Neuhausergasse is recorded in the Munich tax records. Several ownership changes occurred over the following 125 years.* 1522: The Welser brewery is bought by family Starnberger.* 1622: The brewery is taken over by the Spatt family, producing a brew by the Oberspathbräu name, eventually introducing the Spaten brand, referring to spade.* 1704: Family Sießmayr took over the brewery while retaining the Spaten name.* 1807: The Royal Hofbräu brewmaster, Gabriel Sedlmayr acquired the Spaten brewery, which at the time was the smallest brewery in Munich.* 1817: Spaten purchases the Filserbräukeller in Bayerstrasse, which later became known as the Spaten Keller.* 1839: Following the death of Gabriel Sedlmayr, his sons Gabriel and Joseph take over the brewery.* 1842: Joseph Sedlmayr withdraws his partnership from Spaten Brauerei and buys the Leistbrauerei.* 1851: Spaten purchases the property including the Silberbauer Keller in Marsstrasse. Many further acqusitions followed.* 1854: The move of the entire brewery to Marsstrasse is completed.* 1861: Joseph Sedlmayr buys the shares of August Deiglmayr, with whom he ran the [[Fransiskaner]] Brauerei (Franziskaner Leistbräu) since 1858.* 1867File: Spaten Brauerei becomes the largest brewery in Munich and maintains its top position until 1890sWaldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe 007. Spaten Brauerei receives a golden medal for their German beer at the World Exposition in Paris.* 1874: Johann, Carl and Anton Sedlmayr take over the brewery from their father Gabriel Sedlmayr.* 1884: The graphic artist Otto Hubb designs the Spaten logo, depicting a spade with the initials GS for Gabriel Sedlmayr. The logo is still in use today.* 1891: Spaten Brauerei founded a branch in London selling the “Spaten Munich Lager” brand.* 1894: Spaten becomes the first Munich brewery to brew lager in Pilsener style, the “Spaten Münchner Hell”, intended for sale in northern Germany.* 1895: Spaten is the first brewery to introduce the Hell (lager) in Munich. Other Munich breweries follow its example.* 1909: Spaten begins to export its beer on a regular basis to America.* 1911: Heinrich and Fritz Sedlmayr, sons of Anton and Carl Sedlmayr, become chairmen of Spaten Brauerei.* 1922: Spaten Brauerei and Franziskaner Leistbräu unify into a joint stock company, named ''Gabriel & Joseph Sedlmayr Spaten-Franziskaner-Leistbräu AG''. In the same year, a contract of interessengemeinschaft (interest sharing group) was signed with [[Löwenbräujpg|Löwenbrauerei]].* 1924 The still today used slogan “Lass Dir raten, trinke Spaten” was coined, meaning “Let yourself be advised, drink Spaten”.* 1926 The Spatenbräu Heilbier was introduced to the market, which from 1941 was named Vollmalz.* 1943/45 Spaten Brauerei suffers severe damage due to bombing raids by World War II allied forces. * 1950 The export to Europe and overseas resumes.* 1964 The first [[Weißbier600px]] by the Spaten Brauerei, the “Champagner Weiße”, is introduced at the Oktoberfest.* 1992 Spaten Brauerei exceeds the one million hectolitre mark.* 1997 Spaten Brauerei and Löwenbräu merge into a joint stock company.
In 1872, Spaten made history by introducing an amber coloured Vienna style beer at Munich's Oktoberfest, named Märzenbier. The [[File:Spaten 001Märzenbier]] became an instant success when it was first sold in the Schottenhamel Festzelt as the usual beer had sold out.jpg|600pxThe popular Märzenbier became known as [[Oktoberfestbier]]and eventually changed to the pale golden and slightly stronger Helles (lager) which is still today sold during the Oktoberfest.
[[File:Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe 007Siebenbrunn 019.jpg|600px]]
In 1922, Spaten and [[File:Franziskaner Garten 014]] unified into one company, named Spaten-Franziskaner-Leistbräu AG. In 1972, the company issued public stock for the first time.jpg|600pxIn 1997 Spaten-Franziskaner-Leistbräu and [[Löwenbräu]]merged. In 2004 the group became part of Interbrew, the German subsidiary of the Belgian-Brazilian brewery [ InBev] which by volume is the world's largest beer producer.
[[File:Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe 008Spaten brands include Spaten Münchner Hell, Spaten Oktoberfestbier and Spaten Pils.jpg|600px]]
Spaten beer is sold available in the following beer gardens:
* [[Franziskaner Garten]]
* [[Gasthaus Siebenbrunn]]
* [[Gasthof Feringasee]]
* [[Hirschau]]
* [[Maxhof]]
* [[Sankt Emmeramsmühle]]
* [[See-Biergarten Lerchenau]]
* [[Viktualienmarkt]]
* [[Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe]]
* [[Wirtshaus Zamdorfer]]
At the Oktoberfest, Spaten is sold in [ Schottenhamel], [ Ochsenbraterei], [ Hippodrom] and [ Glöcke Wirt].
The original Spaten brewery in Munich Germany offers pre-arranged tours of its beer making facilities including beer tasting, catering and a documentary film. For bookings, contact Ms Sabine Basmann via +49-(0)89 / 52 00-22 45 or email []. Further information at [] (in German language).
[[File:Spaten 002.jpg|600px]]
Alternatively, a tour can be arranged via the Munich beer tour company ''Sightseeing Biertour München''. Phone +49-(0)89 / 55 07 9000 or email []. Further information at [].
== Contact information ==
'''Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu GmbH'''<br>
Marsstrasse 46-48<br>
80335 Munich<br>
Tel: +49 (0)89 52 00-22 45<br>
Website: / []
== Additional information ==
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* [[Spaten Brewery history]]
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