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In 1872, Spaten made history by introducing an amber coloured Vienna style beer at Munich's Oktoberfest, named Märzenbier. The [[Märzenbier]] became an instant success when it was first sold in the Schottenhamel Festzelt as the usual beer had sold out. The popular Märzenbier became known as [[Oktoberfestbier]] and eventually changed to the pale golden and slightly stronger Helles (lager) which is still today sold during the Oktoberfest.
[[File:Franziskaner Garten 014Siebenbrunn 019.jpg|600px]]
In 1922, Spaten, [[Franziskaner]] and [[Löwenbräu]] unified into one company. In 1972, the company issued public stock for the first time. Through mergers and acquisitions that followed, the German brewery eventually became part of the Belgian-Brazilian [ Interbrew] giant.
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