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Tutzinger Biergarten

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The beer garden has <!--about ... seats in the self-serviced area. A--> a variety of traditional beer garden benches, round tables as well as regular tables are situated in the shade of large trees and sun umbrellas. Warm cosy sheets are provided to guests as protection from the often strong winds. The beer garden decoration is a bit kitschy. An old English phone box filled with books serves as a book exchange. The walls of the food stall are covered with photos of celebrities who have visited the beer garden. The beer served is [[Augustiner]] and a [[Maß]] costs €6.10 (June 20122013). The food stall offers a good quality homemade food, such as soup of the day, [[Schweinebraten]] (roast pork), [[Obatzda]] (Bavarian cheese specialty), [[Hendl]] (grilled chicken) and cakes. A separate stall prepares [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick).
Tutzinger beer garden is a good place to relax and watch sailing boats gliding on the sea. Just next to the beer garden is the [ Surf & Segel Center Tutzing], a surfing and sailing school.

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