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The self-serviced area offers about 1,000 seats under large chestnut trees. The 450 seats on the waitress served terrace are shaded by chestnut trees in combination with huge blue sun umbrellas. Guests of the served area sit at massive wooden benches with backrest. Some of the tables offer a view onto the Hinterbrühler Lake. During the summer months large rafts pass by along the Isar channel as the end station of their journey is just a few metres from the beer garden.
The food stalls in the self-serviced area offer typical Bavarian beer garden meals, such as [[Hendl]] (roasted chicken), spareribs, Leberkäs (liver loaf), [[Obatzda]] and [[Wurstsalat]] (sliced sausage salad). The beer served is [[Hacker-Pschorr]] and a [[Maß]] Hell (lager) costs €7.10 (April 2013). Between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays throughout the 2012 summer season, marking the [[200 Years Beer Garden Anniversary]], a “Happy Mass” (one litre beer) is €4.99 in the self-serviced area, which is the best price for a Maß in any Munich beer garden at the time of writing (since June 2012). A Kuchenhäuserl (cake stall) offers fresh [[Auszogne]] and cakes. In the months of July to September and depending on the weather a barbecue takes place every Thursday in the beer garden.
The very cosy Bräustüberl, Jägerstüberl, Flößerstube and Isarstüberl in the main building offer the right atmosphere for venues of all kinds. Gasthof Hinterbrühl has been nominated the most beautiful excursion restaurant and the second most beautiful beer garden in Upper Bavaria. Gasthof Hinterbrühl has also received a golden medal for excellent catering in 2010/2011.
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