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'''Park Café is located in middle of the Munich's old botanical garden by a traditional 1937 Bavarian building dating which that once served as a coffee house and exhibition venue. The beer garden has 1,500 seats in addition to 500 seats in a serviced area'''
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Situated in a swanky business district of close to Hauptbanhof (Munich's central train station), the Park-Café beer garden is frequented by office workers, while during weekends the location venue attracts a younger party going crowd. There are regular music and DJ events at the beer garden and/or in the adjoining restaurant and bar building. Visit [] for details on future events. During For example, during Oktoberfest weekends there are “Après Wiesn” parties (after-Wiesn parties) on weekends.
The [[Löwenbräu]] beer served in at the beer garden costs €7.50 Euro p/[[maß]]. Weather pending, When the weather is good the beer garden and self-service area is open from 11am until about 1pm everyday (while the . The restaurant and serviced area opens 10am on weekends). Park Café beer garden is located about 200 metres from Hauptbanhof (Munich's central train station).

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