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Zum Grünen Baum

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Zum Grünen Baum beer garden has about 800 seats on traditional beer garden benches in the self-serviced area, partly shaded by chestnut trees. The food stalls offer warm and cold Bavarian beer garden meals, such as [[Hendl]] (roasted chicken), [[Schweinshaxn|Schweinshaxe]] (roasted pork knuckle) and [[Obatzda]].  The beer served is [[Augustiner]] and a [[Maß]] Hell (lager) costs €7€ 7.00 (April 2016May 2018). During the week from May to September from 3pm to 5:30pm the "Feierabendmaß" costs only €5€ 6.90 50 (Mai 2016May 2017). The sound of a bell announces the tapping of a new wooden barrel.<!-- (on weekdays the first one is tapped at 5pm5:30pm).--> "Overheated" guests can ask for an iced beer mug.
Every second Tuesday in the month is the Musikantenstammtisch: musicians meet at their regular's table at 7pm for an evening of music-making and singing.
Nearby attractions of the beer garden are the Blutenburg castle and the [[Nymphenburger Park]] and castle.
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48.163955, 11.475847
Zum Grünen Baum
Tel: +49-(0)89-81089314<br>
Website: []
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