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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim

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The beer garden reopened under new management in 2010. There are 350 seats in all including the self-serviced and serviced tables. The beer sold is [[Maisach|Maisacher]] Helles (lager) which costs €5€6.80 20 p/[[Maß]] and [[Räuber Kneißl Dunkel]] at €6 .40 p/Maß. The Sedlmayer Weizen (wheat-beer) is €6 p/Maß. The self-serviced food stall offers a variety of traditional Bavarian meals and snacks.  2016: * 6 regular fixed to the ground tables* 2 round wooden tables* about 50 people* rest served area, strictly disallowed to bring food from restaurant to self-serviced area* served area in big contrast to self-serviced area, ss-area feels neglacted, food stall closed on sunny, warm Saturday afternoon, grass overgroing the Kieselsteine  
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