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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim

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Unfortunately, the beer garden has developed over time to the negative and makes a neglected impression. The larger outside area is now a Wirtsgarten and the self-service area has shrunk to six fixed to the ground beer garden reopened under new management tables and two round wooden tables. The food stall is still present, but not opened in 2010even most beautiful weather. There are 350 seats in all including To carry food from the restaurant over to the self-serviced and serviced tablesservice area is strictly prohibited. At least there is still the opportunity to buy oneself a drink. The beer sold is [[Maisach|Maisacher]] Helles (lager) which costs €6.20 p/[[Maß]] (May 2016) and [[Räuber Kneißl Dunkel]] at €6.40 p/Maß. The Sedlmayer Weizen (wheat-beerMay 2016) is €6 p/Maß. The self-serviced food stall offers a variety of traditional Bavarian meals and snacks.  2016: * 6 regular fixed to the ground tables* 2 round wooden tables* about 50 people* rest served area, strictly disallowed to bring food from restaurant to self-serviced area* served area in big contrast to self-serviced area, ss-area feels neglacted, food stall closed on sunny, warm Saturday afternoon, grass overgroing the Kieselsteine* chestnut trees and Linden* behind beer garden small garden houses    
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