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'''Löwenbräukeller restaurant and beer garden is located at Stiglmaierplatz close to the [[Löwenbräu ]] brewery in centre of Munich. The building was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt thereafteras smaller the original building.'''
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The Löwenbräu [[Maß ]] in the self service area costs €6 which is a good price compared to other city beer gardens. (In the serviced area it costs €7.80). The beer garden has 1,000 seats shaded by chestnut trees. The adjoining beer hall is offers a good alternative when the weather is bad and is not as touristic touristy as [[Hofbräuhaus ]]. From time to time an entire ox is roasted in front of the main entrance. All matches of the football world cup and other major tournaments are shown live on a large public viewing screen in the beer garden.
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