Alter Wirt Ramersdorf

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The Alter Wirt Ramersdorf located in the Ramersdorf district of Munich has existed since 1504. This traditional Bavarian beer garden is well shaded below a thick canopy of chestnut trees and has about 800 seats divided equally between a self-serviced and serviced area.

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On warm summer days there is an open barbecue grill starting at 4pm. The ordering procedure for guests in the self-service area is to go up and order the meat by the kitchen or the grill for the meal to be prepared by a service staff who will shout out aloud your order when ready to fetch. A specialty is “Entenjagd” - a quarter of a duck at €5.99. During the “Wiener Revolution” a large Schnitzel Wiener Art (Vienna style) costs €5.99. The Augustiner Helles is €7.00 p/Maß (July 2016). The Alter Wirt Ramersdorf also operates a small hotel with seven rooms decorated in traditional Bavarian style. There is a 15th century church next to the beer garden.

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The Alter Wirt Ramersdorf is located in the eastern part of Munich and can be reached by a short walk from Karl-Preis-Platz underground station, which is about a 15-minute ride from Hauptbahnhof (Munich's central train station). The serviced area and restaurant is open from 11.30am to 11.30pm.

Alter Wirt Ramersdorf
Aribonenstraße 8
81669 Munich (Ramersdorf)

Tel: +49-(0)89-6891862

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