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As the name already applies, "Ayinger Ottobrunn - Das Wirtshaus am Rathausplatz" is located in the centre of Ottobrunn next to the town hall. The innkeeper couple Markus and Melanie Grenzdörffer run restaurant and beer garden since 2013.

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The self-service area of the well-kept beer garden is clearly separated from the served terrace. Depending on the season, between 500 and 1,200 guests will find place in the beer garden. Beside traditional beer garden benches there are also regular tables and rustic wooden benches with backrest. Numerous, still quite small red and white blooming chestnut trees provide shade on sunny days. Those, who are still feeling too warm can sit under one of the three giant Ayinger sun umbrellas. Kids can let off steam at the playground or on the beer garden adjusting meadow with maypole.

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The food stall offers cold and warm meals, among others Obatzda (Bavarian cheese specialty), sausage salad, meat jelly as well as Hendl (roasted chicken), rolled roast, spare ribs and chicken wings. At the drinks stall there is freshly tapped Ayinger from the barrel. A Maß Hell (lager) costs {7.20 (May 2015). Ayinger Ottobrunn offers picnic baskets to spontaneous beer garden goers, packed with tablecloth, cutlery, plates and food. For food guests can choose from three themes: "Family Snack", "Chaps Brotzeit" or "Dirndl Brotzeit".

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On the menu of the restaurant guests can find Bavarian and Austrian meals. Always on the first Sunday of the month there is a family brunch with a rich buffet. Festivities of all kinds can be celebrated in one of the themed restaurant rooms. There are also seminar rooms and five bowling alleys in the building.

If the weather is nice the beer garden is open from Monday to Friday from 4pm and on weekends and public holidays from noon.

Ayinger Ottobrunn
Rathausplatz 2
85521 Ottobrunn

Tel: +49 (0)89 74747405
Email: wirtshaus@ayinger-ottobrunn.de
Website: www.ayinger-ottobrunn.de

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